Online Renewal of Car Insurance

If your car insurance policy is expiring in a few days time and you happened to be out of Malaysia, or your just screw up your relationship with your insurance agent and are now wondering how can you easily renew your car insurance.  Fear not…there is a established website that specialised in renewal of car insurance in Malaysia.  Simply visit and submit your information to receive an official quotation from Allianz Car Insurance Malaysia.

Upon agreeing to the quotation, a secure link will be send to allow payment via credit card with no credit card charges (good :))

Renewing your car insurance is now simple and easy without the need to leave your home or office.

However, if your vehicle age is more than 15 years, you should consider maintaining relationship with your existing insurance companies, as they are more likely to accept your vehicle.  If you could not get any insurance from any insurance companies in Malaysia, you will have no other choice but to buy MMIP insurance.  MMIP, stands for Malaysia Motor Insurance Pool, is set-up by all insurance companies in Malaysia to provide motor insurance to high-risk vehicle, and any losses from MMIP are total shared among all insurance companies.

Get all the best deals in 1 place

Group buying is the trend now.  Get the best deals and check out the latest products available online.  Buying these items has become easier and convenience with online payment or direct bank transfer.  With so many online group buying sites, such as Groupon, mydeals, living social, etc. It soon become troublesome to visit all these sites to ensure you indeed get the best deals.

Thanks to – Malaysia leading deals aggregator site, which features all available deals from reputable group buying sites in Malaysia.

Malaysia Center of Information

Although more and more people are relying on Google to search for information.  There are at times local business directory are able to provide much more accurate and comprehensive information.  There are a few much reputable information directory for Malaysia, such as mycen and Malaysia Center of Information ( etc

Looking for Samsung Service Centre to send your gadget for repair? or hunting for the nearest maxis service centre to apply for mobile package?  Or need to locate authorised Allianz panel workshop to send your car for repair.  All these information can be easily obtained via these business directory.

4D Results Sites

4D is a popular gaming in Malaysia which require little skills.  Pick any 4 digit and bet with as little as RM1 for a stand to win RM3,500.00 .  There are 3 license operators in Peninsular Malaysia and one each in Sabah and Sarawak.

4D Draws is on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday with occasion special draws conducted on Tuesday.  Due to its simplicity and many betting outlets conveniently accessible, it is one of the popular leisure gaming enjoyed by most Malaysians.

4D Results are thus most frequented by these people who wish to know the results immediately.  Malaysia leading 4D Results sites are as below: